Publish Date: May 2017
Pages: 32
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Publisher: Candlewick Books
ISBN: 0763689505

Book Overview

Sit. Fetch. Have a cappuccino. When Raymond the dog starts acting human, will he miss the dog s life?
Raymond the dog is just your regular family pet until, one day, he has a thought: couldn t he just . . . "sit "at the table? Isn t that what families do together? Soon Raymond begins to leave all his canine ways behind, and so do all the other dogs in town. Dogs go to the movies; dogs go out for coffee; and Raymond lands a high-powered journalism job at "DOGUE "magazine. But is Raymond s new gig all work and no play? He doesn t even have time for family dinner Maybe, just maybe, Raymond misses the dog s life. . . . At once comedic and genuine, this tale about appreciating the simpler things in life reminds us all that work can wait after all, there are more important things (like getting your ears scratched in just the right place)."

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