Qijura Island

Publish Date: August 2016
Pages: 132
Price: $28.00


Dimensions: 9.02 in. tall, 5.98 in. wide, 0.28 in. thick
ISBN: 9082586207

Book Overview

"The republics are located in the south of the island. Altogether there are two thousand republics in the island. The east of the island remains intact for the participants to feel at home," Nicholas explained.

"What will prevent creatures from ... coming?" Prime Minister of England asked.

"Nothing," answered Nicholas

"The report said that there would be a research center with living creatures?" President of the United States asked.

"That's right,"- Nicholas answered.

"Why can't it be somewhere else?" President of United States asked.

"The committee concluded that the participants need direct contact with the creatures," Nicholas answered.

The mood in the room was tense; only the guy doing the presentation seemed calm as he answered each question. In front of the presenter, there was a model of an island with some structures on it. The model was extremely high level, as well as everything in that room.

Outside the room, officers of various nationalities were guarding the area from any kind of danger. A helicopter flew over the island while on the beach camouflaged soldiers remained alert in trenches in the sand.

"Putting together humans and creatures is to sign our death sentence, that's absurd." Prime Minister of Japan retorted.

"With all the respect, everyone on earth will have to deal with these creatures sooner or later. If we don't study them further, then, we will be signing our death sentence," Nicholas remarked.

"What is he talking about?" President of Russia asked.

Nicholas gestured to his compatriot on his right and the guy immediately left the room and came back in a few minutes with some kind of cage. Turmoil started between the people right away and their faces changed from tense to something closer to panic. A brown and small creature was floating inside the cage and it looked as scared as them.

"This creature was the 11th to be found," Nicholas said.

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