Portraits of Jewish-American Heroes

Author: Malka Drucker
Illustrator: Elizabeth Rosen
Publish Date: January 2017
Pages: 96
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Publisher: Puffin Books
ISBN: 0425289745
Accelerated Reader ®
Quiz#: 124732
Quiz Name: Portraits of Jewish-American Heroes
Reading Level: 7.9
Interested Level: Middle Grade
Point Value: 3

Book Overview

From director, producer, and screenwriter Steven Spielberg to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, read about twenty of the most influential Jewish Americans in history
From its beginnings, America, founded on religious freedom, has been a land of opportunity for Jews, socially, economically, and spiritually, writes Rabbi Malka Drucker in introducing twenty compelling individuals who have enriched our country by their achievements. In areas including science, sports, filmmaking, and civil rights, we meet male and female heroes who set an example, made a positive difference, and took a risk to do it. This beautifully produced volume spans three centuries of history, beginning with Haym Solomon and ending with Daniel Pearl. Each individual's likeness, spirit, and contribution are captured in a distinctive and striking color portrait created with a variety of different media.

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