Poison Ivy’s Scare Fair

Author: Donald Lemke
Illustrator: Andie Tong
Publish Date: January 2017
Pages: 24
This book will publish January 2017.
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Price: $13.55


Publisher: Turtleback Books
ISBN: 0606396195

Book Overview

Kids who love action-packed stories will be excited to see Batman and Batgirl facing off with Poison Ivy in this brand-new DC Comics 8x8 storybook

The County Fair is jam-packed with revelers enjoying the food and judging the county s largest vegetables. But the fun turns frightful when Poison Ivy steps out of the blue ribbon pumpkin and ensnares the citizens with her vines. It s up to Batman and Batgirl to nip Ivy s plan in the bud

With full-color illustrations, this 8x8 storybook is filled with action and adventure perfect for superhero fans.


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