Patsy the Seagull’s Return to Happiness Lake

Publish Date: August 2016
Pages: 24
Price: $12.95


Dimensions: 10 in. tall, 8 in. wide, 0.07 in. thick
Publisher: Page Pub
ISBN: 1682898652

Book Overview

Patsy and his friend Harriet were good seagull friends who loved living at the Jersey Shore. Patsy only had one leg, but he could do anything that other birds could do. They also loved Happiness Lake in Pennsylvania. They were blown out there when they got caught up in hurricane winds a few years ago. It was strange for them, but they met animals and birds they had never seen before and began to see how beautiful a lake is with all of its differences. One day, they decided to return to Happiness Lake to visit their friends. Mr. and Mrs. Duck remembered them and introduced them to their visiting relatives from Ohio, Lori and Steven. Immediately, they began to make fun of Patsy with his missing leg. Read and see how Patsy and Harriet handled those mean ducks.

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