‘Paisley Is a Pupstar’: A Story about an Australian Wonder Dog

Publish Date: August 2016
Pages: 36
Price: $28.22


Dimensions: 11 in. tall, 8.5 in. wide, 0.09 in. thick
Publisher: Xlibris Corp
ISBN: 1524516864

Book Overview

This is Book 3 in the series about Paisley the dog. First up in the adventures of Paisley and the animals we meet Prindala Possum who makes a noisy stop over with her baby Bessie in search of food and rest on their way to Daisy Hill Forest. Kester and Kada Koala Bears become part of the family after a great fire has rendered them homeless. Sammy Stick Insect gets to put his best tree-climbing skills to good use. Mr Crimplytoes the Owl makes a surprise visit in search of adventure before he settles down, scaring Millie Rat half to death. Paisley suffers a mishap after naughty Deealza the Fire Ant decides she is the new boss of the yard and finishing with Paisley winning an award as well as a trip to Australia Zoo. Teaky Spider gets to tag along for the ride as well as a mischievous little stowaway

When Paisley suffers from a mishap, together the family have to pull together to support each other, while they wait for Paisley to return to full health and come back home. It is a story about caring, and love for one another. In good times and in the not-so-good times. This is a beautiful story of friendship. If you love Paisley and her family, you will love this continuing story of Paisley the Australian Wonder Dog.

Thoroughly recommended as a follow-on in the series about Paisley. A must for any child's bookshelf.

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