One Truth, No Lie

Author: Lehua Parker
Publish Date: November 2016
Pages: 302
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Publisher: Jolly Fish Pr
ISBN: 1631631020

Book Overview

Twelve-year-old Zader Westin has bigger problems than failing to transform into a Niuhi Shark. His brother Jay is a clueless chick magnet and Char Siu is too chummy with a new Ridgemont classmate with an endless appetite. Uncle Kahana s heart attack lands him in the hospital, while Ilima reveals herself to be more than the lovable dog she seems. With everything in turmoil, things come to a head when Jay has an unforgettable encounter with a Niuhi Shark, forcing Zader to leave everything he loves forever. It s a battle of nature versus nurture and of humans versus Niuhi as Jay and Zader struggle against destiny to make their own way in the world and back to each other."

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