Odin Blew Up My TV!

Publish Date: October 2016
Pages: 224
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Publisher: Floris
ISBN: 1782502629

Book Overview

A strange haar blows into St. Andrews' harbor one morning, freezing its inhabitants in a magical mist. A Viking longship docks, and out leaps Loki, the Norse god of mischief. Much to the dismay of brothers Lewis and Greg, wisecracking, havoc-wreaking Loki is back, but this time he s been followed...
The fate of St Andrews, and indeed the ENTIRE UNIVERSE, rests with our reluctant young heroes and their friend Susie. With a swashbuckling Valkyrie as their guide, they set out across the mythical land of Vanaheim to rescue Odin, King of the Gods, from imprisonment. Along the way they play in a trolls' pig-wrestling team, out-scare ghosts from the land of the dead...oh, and outwit a gang of grouchy dwarves. But will they reach Odin before the real world is destroyed by Loki's mischief?
"Odin Blew up my TV " is the third book in Robert J. Harris s monster and mischief-filled World's Gone Loki series.

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