Octo-Man and the Headless Monster #1

Publish Date: May 2017
Pages: 96
This book will publish May 2017.
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Price: $5.99


ISBN: 0448487535

Book Overview

"Zing, zong, zing." Brain flash A pirate hook. Underground tunnels. Brains in jars. It's time for an Escapade
Clint McCool always has a lot of great ideas. That s what makes him such a great hero. But sometimes he has "too many" great ideas. Armed with his super-powered cap, his brain flashes, and his two best friends, Clint is ready to solve any problem and find adventure anywhere. When he runs onto a film set, he gets into trouble. A lot of trouble. Can Clint McCool still save the day?
This easy-to-read, highly-illustrated book is a perfect first chapter book, printed in black and blue to help readers transition from full-color picture books to black-and-white chapter books. Exciting adventures, relatable characters, and engaging art early readers will love joining Clint McCool for his Escapades."

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