Ming’s Adventure in the Mogao Caves: A Story in English and Chinese

Author: Li Jian
Translator: Yijin Wert
Publish Date: April 2017
Pages: 42
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ISBN: 1602209979

Book Overview

With beautiful illustrations this multicultural children's book takes readers on a tour of China's most famous caves
The sandstorm was blowing hard over the Gobi Desert. Xiao Ming got separated from his parents on their way to the Mogao Caves. As it was getting dark. Xiao Ming along with the other travelers who were separated from the group were huddling in the sand helplessly.
In the darkness of the Gobi Desert, Xiao Ming vaguely saw a little light flashing in the dust. The light got closer and closer and finally he saw a deer with nine shades of color in his fur. His antlers were as white as snow and his body was wrapped with a touch of bright light. The nine-colored deer told Xiao Ming to follow him.
The story unfolds with Ming being guided to the caves where ancient paintings and come to life

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