Publish Date: August 2016
Pages: 80
Price: $14.95


Dimensions: 11 in. tall, 8.5 in. wide, 0.22 in. thick
Publisher: Page Pub
ISBN: 1682896943

Book Overview

Unusual adventures just seem to follow these five young aquatic friends around. Whether they create these happenings or are always in the right place is for you to decide. The fact is, what Mike and friends consider to be normal is way off the scale for most persons.

For the past several weeks, Mike has had this burning desire. Or more correctly put, Mike has always had several burning desires. This time, though, there are only two that are at the top of his list, and they are very much related. He just absolutely has to see the much-talked-about ocean and the magnificent ships traversing it, which he has only read about or seen in pictures. No other boy of his age living in his area has ever been far enough downriver to be able to claim to have seen the sea.

His second priority he will accomplish if he can do the first. Can he really prove that river-dwelling fish like himself will survive in the great big ocean? Who better to try than Mike and his four friends? They are young, fit, and equipped with all the necessary information. Or so they think. But first, Mike needs to convince himself and then bring his friends on board.

The problem is that Mike has something of a reputation for getting involved in some creatively complicated situations, which at times gives even him a challenge to explain.

How then does he settle these two pressing issues without getting himself and his friends into new trouble?

This time around, Mike may have taken on a bit more than he can handle.

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