Mega Machines: Roar Into Action with These Super-Charged Racers!

Publish Date: September 2012
Pages: 128
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Dimensions: 10.6 in. tall, 8.6 in. wide, 0.4 in. thick
Publisher: Arcturas Pub
ISBN: 1848586523

Book Overview

Start your engines and strap yourselves in for a breathtaking tour through the mechanical marvels of the world. This title is ideal for all petrol heads in training and is certain to be a hit with little boys. Bursting with more mean machines than you could shake a wrench at, it features impossibly fast supercars, bizarre custom bikes, slick prototype planes, the biggest monster trucks, and the largest construction vehicles. This book is packed full of quality photographs, combined with short, punchy sentences to create a magazine style. This format is popular with kids, keeping them engaged and entertained throughout.

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