Meg and Jen: Daffyd and the Sacred Oath

Publish Date: May 2016
Pages: 193
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Publisher: Austin Macauley
ISBN: 1786124912

Book Overview

Meg and Jen don't only get on each other's nerves, the twins annoy their mum, dad and grandmother, too. And sure enough when the cat runs amok and digs her claws into Grandma's rear end there's only one punishment after they have cleaned up and that is banishment to the garden for a couple of hours.In Francis Dolan's Meg and Jen: Daffyd and the Sacred Oath this spell in the garden opens the doors to a fantastic adventure that begins when they literally stumble across a gnome. From that point on the girls are entrusted with Daffyd the Gnome's Sacred Oath which once sworn brings the girls in contact with the Other World.In a story of goblins, trolls, pixies, fairies - a never-ending cast of races, Meg and Jen must hold their nerves as the Other World comes under threat and their ties with the fairy kingdom are bound forever.

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