McGrave’s Hotel

Author: Steve Bryant
Publish Date: October 2016
Pages: 231
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Publisher: Month9books
ISBN: 194481650X

Book Overview

Nearly 12-year-old James Elliott is a bellhop in 1936 at the spooky McGrave s Hotel where guests are dying to check in. He has been there ever since his parents died a year ago while on a spy mission to Nazi Germany. All James wants is a goodbye message from his parents, but instead he is distracted by troublesome guests who require his assistance. He is busy with tasks like wrangling mutant spiders, searching for a priceless mummy, and attaching the head of a bridegroom. After all, this is just the kind of hospitality guests have come to expect while at McGrave s Hotel. But over the course of one frightful evening, everything changes. James will team with Death s daughter in a fight against Nazi sympathizers, monsters, and the undead in this riveting, deathly, historical adventure story."

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