Maddie McBatty Is Not Afraid of the Dark

Publish Date: September 2015
Pages: 26
Price: $9.99


Dimensions: 9 in. tall, 6 in. wide, 0.05 in. thick
Publisher: Tate Pub
ISBN: 1624636918

Book Overview

"Big Dark," said Maddie, "you must move out of my face It is time for you, sir, to get in your place." When a terrifying thunderstorm threatens to destroy her, this tiny tot shows the storm whose boss. Spunky Maddie McBatty demonstrates to children everywhere that while scary things may go "bump " in the night, we do not have to be overcome with fright. Celebrating the peace of God and comfort of community, Maddie McBatty Is Not Afraid of the Dark is sure to become a bedtime staple for your special child.

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