Long Dark Dusk

Author: J. P. Smythe
Publish Date: April 2017
Pages: 368
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Publisher: Quercus Pub Inc
ISBN: 1681442035

Book Overview

As soon as teenaged Chan Aitch learned the horrible truth about life on "Australia" and its fateful mission, she vowed to save everyone she could from the gangs and cultists fighting for control of the ship's limited resources. Now that "Australia" has crashed back to Earth, though, her efforts seem to have been in vain: everyone she cares about is dead or in prison.
As one of the few to have survived the ship's return, Chan is now living in poverty on the fringes of a huge city, on a planet she's never known but always dreamed of. She's barely mustering the will to survive when she learns that Mae, the little girl she once rescued on "Australia," could be alive. But she has no idea where Mae is, or how to find her. In addition to being alone in an unfamiliar city, Chan has never felt more helpless.
But she'll do whatever it takes to find Mae, even if it means going to prison herself to track the girl down. After all, she's broken out of prison before--how hard could it be to do it on Earth?

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