Libro: Una Autobiografa

Author: John Agard
Illustrator: Neil Packer
Publish Date: September 2016
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Publisher: Loqueleo
ISBN: 6070129482

Book Overview

"My name is Book and I'll tell you the story of my life." Nonfiction like you've never read it before Quirky and humorous, part poetry, part reflection, this is the story of the book told by none other than Book himself This extraordinary character begins by reminding us of his origins in oral story and clay tablets, then ponders on papyrus, parchment and paper, and on being a scroll who finally gets a spine. We see him lovingly illuminated by monks in medieval monasteries, then witness the massive changes brought about by the invention of the printing press, and the coming of paperbacks and e-books in the 20th century. But Book's not a straightforwardly chronological chap; he can't help musingand his musings, whether they're on the evolution of the alphabet, libraries, book-burning or blurbs, are delightful and thought-provoking.

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