Learning Fun: Four Books and a Pen to Use Over & Over Again!

Author: Iseek Ltd
Publish Date: April 2017
Pages: 80
This book will publish April 2017.
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Price: $9.99


ISBN: 1438078110

Book Overview

Get your children all fired up and ready to learn with fun boxed sets that each include four books and a wipe-clean pen. Every page of these books helps children learn important first concepts, practice hand-eye coordination, and develop lifelong skills. With Learning Fun, children will begin to think visually, develop hand-eye coordination, and uncover critical-thinking skills. Includes Spot the Difference: Solve Picture Puzzles; Mazes: Learn Thinking Skills; Dot-to-Dot: Join the Numbers; and Picture Puzzles: Problem-Solving Skills. There are charming pictures to see and dozens of new words to discover, dotted numbers to trace and alphabet letters to learn, and lots of challenging puzzles to decipher. The pages are laminated, so when kids are done with each activity, they can simply take a soft tissue or cloth, wipe everything off, and begin again. Great for quiet time at home or in the car.

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