Laugh-Out-Loud Kids Lego Creations Using Bricks You Already Have!: 50 All-New Toys and Funny Scenes Full of T-Rex-Eaten Buildings, Pizza-Shooting Alie

Author: Sarah Dees
Publish Date: July 2017
Pages: 192
This book will publish July 2017.
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Publisher: Page Street Pub
ISBN: 1624143865

Book Overview

Sarah Dees is back again with more fun and adventurous LEGO projects for kids, but this time with a fun twist. Each chapter features a scene with characters and a funny event; kids learn to build each element of the scene step by step, even the broken, smashed or destroyed things. For example, in the camping chapter, kids build an outdoor adventure scene gone wrong with a bear destroying a tent and eating all the food, while the family takes a joyride in a canoe that oh no capsizes them into the lake Kids build the broken canoe, the lake with splashes and the family floating downstream. Other themes include dinosaur world where kids build life-like dinosaur characters and half-eaten buildings with a T-Rex chomping down on one. Kids can build a space scene with fearsome aliens and their awesome space blaster gun that shoots, of all things, pizzas Kids will be rolling on the floor in laughter as they build the parts and act out the scenes with their own LEGOs.

The book is the best form of entertainment for kids they use critical thinking and creativity to build the projects, laugh as they put together the funny parts and then play for hours on end with their new toys. This book is a dream-come-true for parents, babysitters and caretakers seeking new ways to inspire kids to entertain themselves.


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