Kyle Evans and the Key to the Universe: Book One

Author: Rob H. Hunt
Illustrator: Chapman James
Publish Date: March 2016
Pages: 166
Price: $8.99


Dimensions: 9.02 in. tall, 5.98 in. wide, 0.38 in. thick
ISBN: 0997895705

Book Overview

Some kids love adventure, and dream of being a hero. Ten-year-old Kyle Evans is not one of those kids, but when a giant hole appears in his bedroom and swallows his mom, a hero is what Kyle must become. Kyle sets out on the journey of a lifetime, and discovers along the way that Battle Droids are scarier than Search Droids, Kranken are more terrifying than either of these, and you should never stand still near a Burgly Bug. But more important than any of this, Kyle learns that sometimes a cat is not just a cat. Kyle Evans and The Key to The Universe is the first book in an exciting adventure trilogy that takes a boy, his cat and his friend Sofia across the universe, gradually revealing their amazing destiny.

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