Kids Go to Work Day

Publish Date: October 2016
Pages: 36
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ISBN: 1626343861

Book Overview

Let s look for careers on a field trip of our own
In Kids Go to Work Day, you ll join students exploring possible careers as they take charge of their own version of Take Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day. They plan and go on fun field trips to companies that have jobs that match their particular interests. A culinary school shares career options in the restaurant and food service industry. A trip to a nonprofit shows the students how its unique jobs help people in need. Join the students as they visit a candy factory and a publishing company, where they find out that the candy business and fashion and car magazines have loads of different jobs the students had no idea about before. The girls and boys come away enthusiastic and full of inspiration on how to respond to What do you want to be when you grow up?
Author Lois Melbourne, of the My Future Story series, inspires readers to identify and explore their passions, and shape their own future stories. As an entrepreneur and CEO of a talent management software company, Lois Melbourne loved her career, and especially loved spending time connecting with people, mentoring, and selling software. Now on to a new passion, Melbourne has created My Future Story, a book series for students exploring their exciting and almost limitless career opportunities.
Growing up in rural Missouri, Melbourne experienced firsthand the lack of career education and direction. Working with people around the world and in every industry, she saw the powerful impact of people choosing careers they really enjoyed. This is the inspiration for My Future Story."

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