Jayd’s Legacy

Author: L. Divine
Publish Date: February 2007
Pages: 218
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Dimensions: 8.26 in. tall, 5.54 in. wide, 0.59 in. thick
Publisher: Kensington
ISBN: 0758216378
Accelerated Reader ®
Quiz#: 126697
Quiz Name: Jayd's Legacy
Reading Level: 5.4
Interested Level: Upper Grade
Point Value: 9

Book Overview

Life is never simple at South Bay High--not even when the news is good. Jayd and Jeremy are a couple at last, and Jeremy spoils Jayd like no other guy ever has, but some friends and teachers alike would be happy to see their relationship end. Meanwhile, Jayd's best friend Nellie has decided to run for homecoming princess and has asked Jayd to be her campaign manager. Jayd wants to help Nellie become South Bay High's first black princess, but the drama is more than she can handle alone. She'll need Mama's help--and the help of her ancestors--to bail her out of this one.

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