I’m Reading about the U.S. Constitution

Author: Carole Marsh
Publish Date: August 2016
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ISBN: 0635122200

Book Overview

The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the United States What is so special about the Constitution? Let's read about it and see I'm Reading about The U.S. Constitution helps early readers learn fun and interesting facts about the U.S. Constitution. The colorful illustrations, bold, vibrant art, kid-friendly text and photographs help bring the national park to life.

I'm Reading About The U.S. Constitution topics include:
America's Government
Framer's of the Constitution
Creating the Constitution
The Federal System
Branches of Government
Checks and Balances
Great Compromise
Compromise over Slavery
Changes to the Constitution
Ratify the Constitution
Bill of Rights
First Amendment
More Amendments
Did You Know?
National Archives
And More

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