I Wish I Were the Big Sister

Publish Date: August 2016
Pages: 48
Price: $12.00


Dimensions: 8.5 in. tall, 8.5 in. wide, 0.13 in. thick
Publisher: Dog Ear Pub Llc
ISBN: 1457547724

Book Overview

This little children's book addresses the age old problem of "sibling rivalry." It is specifically written from the younger child's point of view and the frustrations felt by this child in many different actual life situations. The young co-author and illustrator, expressed to her grandmother one day that she really did NOT like being the little sister and wished she could be the BIG sister.

She recalled many of her own life experiences that had made her feel like life had been "unfair' to her because she was the "little" one. As the character in the book, Rosie, recalls several of her unhappy situations, she is faced with a new outlook presented to her by her Aunt Sara. She begins to look at things differently in the future and...does she change her mind? Take a look at the pages inside this little book and find out

I Wish I Could be the Big Sister is dedicated to all of the younger siblings in the world that can related to the main character's frustrations. We hope that it will inspire them to think about their own situation and learn to appreciate the positive aspects of being a younger sibling

Eileen Simonsen is a retired classroom teacher, and this is her second children's book. She has taught countless children to read and, hopefully, to love reading Kate Horstman is her second grandchild, and as a devoted grandmother, she also tried to instill in Kate a love for books and for reading. Since Eileen Simonsen's first book, Am I Big or Am I Little? was inspired by her first grandchild, this one was inspired, co-authored and illustrated, by her second grandchild. Kate was asked, when she was only three, what she would like her book to be about, she immediately replied, "I don't really like being the little sister." Thus, her book, I Wish I Could be the Big Sister... was conceived Kate is now seven years old and is in second grade. She not only loves to read but she also loves to draw, so she is the primary illustrator of this book.

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