Harvey: How I Became Invisible

Author: Herve Bouchard
Illustrator: Janice Nadeau
Translator: Helen Mixter
Publish Date: May 2017
Pages: 168
This book will publish May 2017.
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Price: $14.95


Publisher: Groundwood Books
ISBN: 1773060058

Book Overview

A sophisticated and original graphic novel, about a young boy's reaction to his father's death.
Harvey and his little brother are playing in the slushy streets of early spring when they learn, out of the blue, that their father has died of a heart attack. Everything changes and Harvey s favorite movie, The Incredible Shrinking Man, suddenly begins to dominate his fantasy life. When relatives try to get him to look at his father in his coffin, Harvey finds himself disappearing.
Brilliantly illustrated, emotionally true and devastatingly sad, this book is an artful and utterly convincing study of one boy s response to great loss.

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