Publish Date: November 2015
Pages: 240
Price: $11.99


Dimensions: 8.98 in. tall, 3.96 in. wide, 0.56 in. thick
Publisher: Flux
ISBN: 0738742260

Book Overview

When Lucas tested positive for the warrior gene--a genetic abnormality believed to predispose humans to violence--he was shipped off to the Bake Shop, an impregnable government facility. There, he underwent a battery of psychological tests aimed at making him crack. Now, labeled safe to return to normal life, he's ready to put the horrific experience behind him.

Then the van transporting him home is forced off the road by a group of rebels who insist there's more going on at the facility than anyone knows. To find the truth and save a friend's brother who's being held prisoner, Lucas infiltrates the Bake Shop's inner sanctum. But a power outage leads to a security breach that strands Lucas in the dark . . . with a prison full of potential killers who could snap at any moment.


"This fast-paced, not-so-distant dystopian futuristic tale will appeal to teen readers. A must-have for libraries seeking dystopian futures."--School Library Journal

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