Gregorio Esparza: Alamo Defender

Author: William R. Chemerka
Illustrator: Don Collins
Publish Date: April 2009
Pages: 80
Price: $16.95


Dimensions: 9.1 in. tall, 6.2 in. wide, 0.5 in. thick
Publisher: Bright Sky Pub
ISBN: 1933979364

Book Overview

Celebrating the contributions of Tejanos to Texas history, this fascinating biography describes the colorful life of one of the Texans of Mexican descent who helped defend the Alamo-Gregorio Esparza. As a member of the Texas army, Esparza fought to force Mexican troops from San Antonio. Though the Texans were initially successful, Mexican general Santa Anna returned to recapture the city and Esparza and his family took refuge in the Alamo. Readers will learn fascinating details about early nineteenth-century life in Texas, especially how Anglos and Tejanos lived and worked together. Little-known nuances of the Battle of the Alamo add to this moving and historically accurate tale of a man who devoted his life to his country and pays tribute to all Tejanos who have played an important part in Texas history. Web links for teacher activity resources are also included.

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