Grandma and Grandpa’s Garden

Author: Nei Griffiths
Illustrator: Ga Buckingham
Publish Date: August 2015
Pages: 24
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Dimensions: 10.2 in. tall, 9.1 in. wide, 0.3 in. thick
Publisher: Red Robin
ISBN: 1905434081

Book Overview

A gentle story that will bring a tear to your eye and touch all those who have lost a loved one.
Grandma and Grandpa loved being together in their beautiful garden. They loved it too when their granddaughter Lucy visited and they taught her many gardening skills. Sadly, these long, happy days were not to last, but memories of them would live on.
'A lovely comforting book - skillfully explores the grieving process and how pain can give way to happy memories.' - Little Parachutes
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