Finding Faith in a Minecrafty World: 80 A-To-Z (Kid Only) Survival Secrets [An Unofficial Guide]

Publish Date: June 2017
Pages: 256
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ISBN: 0736970851

Book Overview

Improve Your Game, Build Your Faith

Decisions, decisions. In both the virtual world and the real world, you have to make a bunch of choices. Mess up in the virtual world and you can always start over. But in the real world, where the decisions you make have real consequences (both good and bad), it's not that simple.

Where can you go for help? Is there a gamer's guide for living? Yes, it's called the Bible and God created it to help you win

Join gamer Dragee90 as he shares daily devotions packed with awesome ideas for success in three key areas of your life:

  • Gameplay Learn A-to-Z tips and tricks for successful virtual world-building and secrets for online survival.
  • Real Life Dragee90 reveals some of his daily struggles and shows how you can overcome your own everyday challenges with God's help.
  • Real Faith Get powerful Scripture verses from the Bible, "cheat codes" you can use to overcome life's biggest obstacles.

Finding faith in a Minecrafty world is easy if you know where to dig for the truth


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