Fairies to Color: With 200 Stickers

Publish Date: March 2017
Pages: 32
This book will publish March 2017.
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Price: $6.99


ISBN: 1438010338

Book Overview

Kids these days are so busy running from school to extracurricular activities that they can easily get over scheduled and overwhelmed. That s what s so great about Cool & Calm Coloring for Kids, a series inspired by kindergarten teachers use of art therapy for quiet time. In Fairies to Color, youngsters can create their own enchanted world with this coloring book. Includes 200 colorful stickers and illustrations of fairies, sprites, woodland creatures, and more. Like every book in the series, Fairies to Color includes:
  • Gorgeous illustrations with colored backgrounds that guide children through each design
  • Numerous illustrations for children to choose from that will help them relax, focus, and create something beautiful
  • Thick paper to keep their best efforts from bleeding through and ruining the other side
  • Detachable pages that let them pull out their favorites and hang them up for all to see
It s perfect for a quiet after school activity, in the car, or anytime kids need to unwind."

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