Explore Atoms and Molecules!: With 25 Great Projects

Author: Janet Slingerland
Illustrator: Matt Aucoin
Publish Date: March 2017
Pages: 96
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Publisher: Nomad Pr
ISBN: 1619304953

Book Overview

Atoms and molecules are the basic building blocks of matter. Matter is every physical thing around us in the universe, including our own bodies In "Explore Atoms and Molecules With 25 Great Projects," readers ages 7 to 10 investigate the structure of atoms and learn how atoms fit together to form molecules and materials.
If everything is made out of atoms and molecules, why do people look different from dogs and doorknobs? In "Explore Atoms and Molecules," readers discover that the characteristics of a material are determined by the way the atoms and molecules connect, and study how chemical reactions change these connections to create everything we know. This book discusses the elements on the periodic table and why they are grouped into families, encouraging the exploration of meaningful classification systems. States of matter and mixtures and compounds round out the exploration of atoms and molecules
This book supports the maker movement with lots of hands-on activities that illuminate the concepts of chemistry. Readers build 3-D models of molecules and create a periodic table guessing game. Fascinating sidebars offer opportunities for readers to connect the text with real-world science, and cartoon illustrations provide a fun foundation for learning.

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