Enna Burning

Author: Shannon Hale
Publish Date: July 2017
Pages: 368
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Publisher: Bloomsbury
ISBN: 1681193175

Book Overview

When her mother dies, Enna leaves the city and her friends to move back home with her brother, Leifer. She thought life would be simpler and more manageable in the forest. But Enna's was not meant to be a simple life, and when Leifer brings home a mysterious piece of vellum and starts setting fires--without a spark, without flint--something seems wrong. Enna cannot decide if that something is a power she wants for herself, or if it's a power that should be extinguished forever.

And when her country, Bayern, goes to war, that choice becomes unbearable as her friendships are tested and her sense of self nearly lost in the fires she creates. Ultimately Enna and her best friend, Isi, take a nearly impossible journey in search of a cure for the war around them--and for the wars within themselves.

Set in the magical lands introduced in the acclaimed novel, "The Goose Girl, Enna Burning" is a romance and a coming-of-age tale that is impossible to put down. Shannon Hale's lyrical writing, unforgettable characters, and intriguing setting give this book the timeless quality of a classic.

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