End of the Innocence

Author: John Goode
Publish Date: July 2016
Pages: 316
Price: $29.99


Dimensions: 9 in. tall, 6 in. wide, 0.75 in. thick
Publisher: Harmonyvision
ISBN: 1635330084

Book Overview

"Tales from Foster High: Book Two "

Kyle Stilleno is no longer the invisible boy, and he doesn't quite know how he feels about it. On one hand, he now has a great boyfriend, Brad Greymark, and a handful of new friends, and even a new job. On the other hand, no one screamed obscenities at him in public when he was invisible.

No one expected him to become a poster boy for gay rights, either-at least not until Kyle stepped out of the closet and into the limelight. But there are only a few months of high school left, and Kyle doubts he can make a difference.

With Christmas break drawing closer, Kyle and Brad are changing their lives to include each other. While the trials are far from over, they have their relationship to lean on. Others are not so lucky. One of their classmates needs their help-but Kyle and Brad's relationship may be too new to survive the strain.

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