Edward in Wunderlannd

Publish Date: October 2011
Pages: 202
Price: $12.99


Dimensions: 8.27 in. tall, 5.83 in. wide, 0.43 in. thick
ISBN: 0615629180

Book Overview

Edward Krimp may seem like your normal pre-teen going through problems, but underneath the calm exterior of this young boy lies a sea of turmoil and change. His parents are divorced and his father has remarried; Edward has moved away from all that he's known his whole life, and he's low on energy drinks to defeat the newest release of the video game series Knight's Quest. Edward soon finds himself in Wunderlannd, a place that changes with the tides of his emotions. What was once calm and tamed has become a world that is tearing itself apart. Can Edward fix what has become broken over the years or will his own imagination cease to exist altogether? First time juvenile fiction novelist Riley S. Brown takes you on an adventure of "Edward" proportions by transporting you into the world of Edward in Wunderlannd, Book One of The Wunderlannd Novels, a modern day take on Lewis Carroll's classic stories. But for the protagonist, Edward Krimp, it is much more than that. Prepare yourself for a wonderfully delightful adventure into an unknown and dangerous Wunderlannd

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