Eddie Inventor

Publish Date: April 2017
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Publisher: Liberties
ISBN: 1910742708

Book Overview

Eddie N. Ventor is growing up in the small town of Middelton, England, the once celebrated birthplace of the Garden Gnome. Eddie is ten and if you multiply that by a million that s about how many thing he has going on in his brain. For Eddie s head is full of questions (Why are there double-decker buses but not double-decker cars? Why can Gnomes fish but fish can t gnome?). It s filled with answers (sometimes wrong ones) and it s filled with ideas. Put questions, answers and ideas together you get inventions all kinds of inventions, some that actually work.

Eddie s brain may be filled to bursting but there is always room for more. So when the Gnomes of Middelton start mysteriously vanishing, Eddie starts getting interested. With his inseparable best pal Vicram, and Vic s incomparable dog, Ninjam, they set out to catch a thief and claim a just reward. But they d better hurry; the 300th anniversary of the Father of the Garden Gnome is looming, and the Queen is on her way to honour him. But keep calm Your Majesty; Eddie works best under pressure.

In Eddie Inventor, John Chambers allows us to see the world through Eddie s curious and enthusiastic eyes. Both hilariously silly and deeply heartwarming, Eddie Inventor is a book for people of all ages who like to wonder Why? "

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