Dudley’s Muddley Day

Author: Josh Webb
Illustrator: Gabriele Antonini
Publish Date: November 2011
Pages: 48
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Dimensions: 8.1 in. tall, 5.5 in. wide, 0.2 in. thick
Publisher: Egmont Books Uk
ISBN: 1405259485

Book Overview

The first in a new Bananas mini-series about the world of Silly Safari, where lots of animals live and have adventures together, this is a charming story about making mistakes and being a good friend Little Dudley the terrapin has heard that Joe the bear cub feels under the weather. He thinks that means he's literally under a rain cloud, and is worried about it happening to him too--so he hides in his shell. But his friend Minnie the elephant persuades him to go and cheer Joe up. Along the way they meet grumpy, but funny, Ella the parrot and Leo the silly hippo, who add to the confusion. It is only when they see hypochondriac Ava the giraffe and find Joe the bear in his lair that all becomes clear to Dudley. He feels very foolish, but his friends show him that it doesn't matter--his heart was in the right place.

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