Dreams of Fire and Gods: Dreams

Author: James Erich
Publish Date: July 2016
Pages: 252
Price: $27.99


Dimensions: 9 in. tall, 6 in. wide, 0.63 in. thick
Publisher: Harmonyvision
ISBN: 163533005X

Book Overview

"Dreams of Fire and Gods: Book One"

A thousand years ago, two factions of gods, the Stronni and the Taaweh, nearly destroyed the Kingdom of Dasak by warring for the land and the frightened humans who lived there. Then suddenly the Taaweh vanished and the Stronni declared victory.

Now, as tensions escalate between the emperor and his regent, Vek Worlen, the "vek"'s son, apprentice mage Sael donz Menauk, finds himself allied with a homeless vagabond named Koreh. Together they flee the capital city and make their way across a hostile wilderness to the "vek"'s keep, mere steps ahead of the emperor's assassins.

But Koreh has dreams-dreams of the ancient Taaweh-and he knows the looming war between the emperor and the "vek" will be nothing compared to the war that is about to begin. The Taaweh are returning, and the war between the gods may destroy the kingdom once and for all."

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