Dragons and Other Legendary Monsters: An Intrepid Wanderer’s Guide

Manufactured by: Bright Connections Media
Publish Date: September 2013
Pages: 96
Price: $8.95


Dimensions: 9.05 in. tall, 6.03 in. wide, 0.32 in. thick
ISBN: 1622670256

Book Overview

Before venturing out into a world full of legendary creatures, children need to be prepared for whatever they may encounter, and this field guide gives the young adventurers the tools they ll need to safely travel and explore the world of fabled beings. Graphical size-comparison charts and detailed descriptions are accompanied by captivating illustrations, bringing the dragons, monsters, and other creatures to life. This guide fuels the imagination of children with a curiosity about dragons and other beasts and will help lead them on countless adventures."

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