Don’t Sneeze #2

Author: Nancy Krulik
Illustrator: Louis Thomas
Publish Date: May 2017
Pages: 96
This book will publish May 2017.
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Price: $5.99


ISBN: 0451533437

Book Overview

Aliens, talking cats, invisibility it's all possible in this hilarious early chapter book series
As an alien, Zeke Zander is still confused by the weird things humans do. But he knows humans would also find zeebop behavior pretty strange. So when Zeke catches the flu, he has to hide symptoms like green goo that leaks from his eyes. Will his new human friends understand, especially now that they have a group project for school? Maybe being a little bit different is the only way to fix things with his friends
From the author of the George Brown and Katie Kazoo books, "The Kid from Planet Z"is easy-to-read, highly-illustrated, and printed in black and blue. Follow along asthis adorable alien struggles through life on planet Earth in this hilarious story, perfect for a first chapter book "

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