Donald and Mickey: The Persistence of Mickey

Publish Date: February 2017
Pages: 124
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ISBN: 163140833X

Book Overview

Hello, Dali When Walt Disney and famed abstract artist Salvador Dali teamed up in 1946, they birthed a famed cartoon featurette called Destino that wouldn t be seen until decades after its inception How come? Would you believe Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy invaded Dali s outrageous world of art, and turned Uncle Walt s plans even abstract-er than before Then stick around for more action with Donald, Mickey, and the whole Walt Disney s Comics and Stories supporting cast Donald and evil Argus McSwine clash as demolition derby drivers in Roadhogs, and as superhot curry chefs in You Vindaloo, You Lose a Few Then, in Night of the Living d104, Mickey and Goofy learn they're really living in a comic book or are they? Collects IDW's Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #733-735."

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