Author: Scott Tracey
Publish Date: April 2014
Pages: 351
Price: $9.99


Dimensions: 7.97 in. tall, 5.26 in. wide, 0.79 in. thick
Publisher: Flux
ISBN: 073873649X

Book Overview

Malcolm Denton wants to be free . . .

. . . of the unbreakable coven bond that ties him to his siblings, of his life as a witch in the hated Moonset coven, and of everything magical.

His longing attracts the attention of a demonic Abyssal Prince who offers Malcolm a deal: uncover the truth about a twenty-year-old murder and the Prince can sever the coven bond.

If only it were that simple. Malcolm soon realizes that working with the Prince means getting everything he ever wanted. But it also means betraying his siblings, condemning the teens of Carrow Mill to the Prince's dark agenda, and learning that the Moonset orphans' special bond goes deeper than he ever imagined.

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