Coderdojo Nano: Building a Website: Create with Code

Publish Date: December 2016
Pages: 96
This book will publish December 2016.
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Price: $12.99


ISBN: 1338156764

Book Overview

CoderDojo is the coding club that lets you hang out with other coders, learn new stuff and generally have fun with computers. This amazing CoderDojo book tells you everything you need to know to build your own website. Start by getting your very own Dojo Nano club up and running. All you need is one or more friends, a computer, and this book
Then join the Nanonauts who are learning how to make a website for their band. They ll be sharing their tips on HTML, CSS, and Javascript. With their help you ll soon be able to create a website on any subject you can think of. Starting with the basics, you will quickly progress to the fun parts that make everyone want to visit your website: from adding photos to embedding Youtube videos and Google maps, to making your menu page something to marvel at. It s all at your fingertips.
The best book on coding for kids aged 8 and up. There is no better place to start your coding adventure.

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