Cletus Sunday School Shenanigans: Instructional Resource for Worship Service Etiquette

Publish Date: March 2017
Pages: 32
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ISBN: 1945507004

Book Overview

It is often difficult for adults to approach the topic of inappropriate worship service behaviors without evoking a defensive attitude. One strategy is by beginning the conversation with a book. How better to approach the topic of worship service etiquette than sharing this humorous, rhyming, book Cletus Sunday School Shenanigans? Cletus is a young mischievous monkey that causes mayhem around the town. He is unwelcome by the residents because of his behavior. His owner, Mrs. Rosa, seeks assistance from various individuals and eventually follows the advice of a minister. Mrs. Rosa takes Cletus to worship service and his behavior is appalling. The children invite Cletus to class where he learns and practices respectful behavior during Sunday school. Cletus learns about Jesus sacrifice for us and our personal responsibility for telling others about it. The book contains a reference section for comprehension questions, discussion questions, parent tips, and scripture references."

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