Challenging Coloring: Millions of Animals: Over 90 Awesome Coloring Pages

Publish Date: March 2017
Pages: 96
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ISBN: 143800978X

Book Overview

Your most exciting creative challenges start HERE
There s no doubt about it: coloring is a great way to spur on creativity, while mazes make your brain work harder and better. But what if kids think coloring books are for babies or mazes are just plain boring? Tell them to think again, because their best challenges start right NOW. In Challenging Coloring: Millions of Animals, your coloring adventures start here These awesome, complex pictures offer you hours of challenges with loads of animals to color. Cats, fish, turtles, chimps, pandas the list goes on. Color them completely or leave white spaces the choice is yours Challenging Books are perfect for kids who like to kick things up a notch. The only question is are they up to the test? Encourage them to say yes, and they ll enjoy hours of stimulating fun Includes perforated pages."

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