Cauliflower and Denney Boy

Publish Date: August 2016
Pages: 128
Price: $28.95


Dimensions: 8.5 in. tall, 5.5 in. wide, 0.44 in. thick
Publisher: Westbow Pr
ISBN: 1512752479

Book Overview

Cauliflower and Denney Boy is about twelve-year-old twins Colleen and Dennis, set in Northern California in the year 1959. It is a historical fiction, centering on a large family with eleven children in the lean years after WWII. More specifically, it centers on Colleen and Dennis, their daily lives, relationships, and personal characteristics, until they must choose to either put themselves at great personal risk to right a great wrong, or let the injustice escalate into great sorrow for others.

Colleen is a take charge, if you don't like, 'tough' girl. Dennis is a mild-mannered, get-a-long boy. You never see one of them without the other. There is a bond between them that no one can break. Together, they go on a terrifying adventure to save a little boy, fully aware that they might never come back. Maybe even death would be preferable to what might happen to them.
Little do they know that many people are praying for them and God is guiding their footsteps.

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