Cassie and Jasper: Kidnapped Cattle

Author: Bryn Fleming
Publish Date: September 2016
Pages: 147
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Publisher: Westwinds Pr
ISBN: 1943328668

Book Overview

Cassie s family's ranch is struggling financially and the ranch will go under if the cows and calves aren t brought down safely from high summer pastures before the weather turns cold. The stakes are high: if the cattle are lost, so is the ranch and their way of life. Cassie and Jasper head for the mountains to bring the cattle home. Trail riding, camping, and herding cows is nothing new for the seasoned ranch kids, but an early snowstorm, rustlers, and other dangers turn the weekend into a fight for survival for kids and cattle alike. It will take all of their courage, cowboy skills, and some horse-shoe-charm good luck to get them and the cattle home."

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