Capitol Cat & Watch Dog Outwit the U.S. Supreme Court

Author: Janice Law
Publish Date: August 2016
Pages: 58
Price: $12.95


Dimensions: 9.02 in. tall, 5.98 in. wide, 0.12 in. thick
ISBN: 0692763619

Book Overview

Capitol Cat & Watch Dog Outwit the U.S. Supreme Court is a sequel to Capitol Cat & Watch Dog Unite Lady Freedoms.

Both tales are fact--and history-based fictional narratives of magical realism.
These further adventures continue teaming a police dog with a cat who lives secretly in the U.S. Capitol Building. When the daring duo invades the U.S. Supreme Court nocturnally, they meet a new character--Supreme Cat--who joins in their quest to preserve shared friend-ships within a secret Nighttime Congress who meets where the "real" Congress meets.
Supreme Cat is a wise behind-the-scenes expert on everything "Supremecourtian."
This whimsical cooperative effort of cat and dog pals
entertains while educating about basics of how the Supreme Court of the United States works.
A vocabulary list of words is included at the end to search definitions in online dictionaries. Readers can research biographies on the internet of the many historical figures within the narrative.
There are many more statues in the Capitol Building, and in the U.S. Supreme Court than are included in this fun narrative.

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