Calum’s Big Break

Author: Danny Scott
Illustrator: Alice Morentorn
Publish Date: June 2016
Pages: 144
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Publisher: Floris
ISBN: 1782502653

Book Overview

Ferguson picks up the ball inside the Scottish half and he's off. He skips round England's Dawes...nutmegs Bryan...shoots...and SCORES Goal for Scotland in the 89th minute of this World Cup quarterfinal England is on its knees. Ferguson sends the Scottish fans crazy. What a player
Don't miss a minute of the non-stop action as 10-year-old Calum Ferguson struggles to settle into a new town while fighting for his place on the school football team. Scotland Stars F.C. books are packed with excitement on and off the field, as well as loads of extras like character cards to collect and football tips, puzzles, and games.
Most people would eagerly take football tips from their hero, and Calum and best friend Leo are no different. When they bump into star striker James Cauldfield at a Premiership match, they soak up his advice on dealing with rival players. Then, when a scout comes to watch their next match, they are ready to long as nothing goes wrong...
Scotland Stars F.C. series book 3 ("Ages 6-8 years")

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