But I Love Him

Author: Amanda Grace
Publish Date: May 2011
Pages: 253
Price: $9.95


Dimensions: 7.94 in. tall, 5.24 in. wide, 0.58 in. thick
Publisher: Flux
ISBN: 0738725943
Accelerated Reader ®
Quiz#: 144159
Quiz Name: But I Love Him
Reading Level: 4.3
Interested Level: Upper Grade
Point Value: 7

Book Overview

Sometimes at night, I wake up and stare at the heart for hours. I think of how I collected each piece from the beach, how I glued it all together into one big sculpture. I wonder if Connor realizes what it means, that he'll always have a piece of me no matter what happens. Each piece of glass is another piece of myself that I gave to him.

It's too bad I didn't keep any pieces for myself.

At the beginning of senior year, Ann was a smiling, straight-A student and track star with friends and a future. Then she met a haunted young man named Connor. Only she can heal his emotional scars; only he could make her feel so loved - and needed. Ann can't recall the pivotal moment it all changed, when she surrendered everything to be with him, but by graduation, her life has become a dangerous high wire act. Just one mistake could trigger Connor's rage, a senseless storm of cruel words and violence damaging everything - and everyone - in its path.

This evocative slideshow of flashbacks reveals a heartbreaking story of love gone terribly wrong.

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