Boot Camp

Publish Date: March 2006
Pages: 123
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Book Overview

Darin Johnson is up to his neck in trouble. Again

It's not his fault (or that's what Darin would say).

This time he has won a competition - SWEET Darin has got a place for himself and two friends on the vacation of his dreams - a real life wilderness trip It's for tough guys only - so he's well set But tough guys have to make tough decisions. Darin doesn't' want to spoil his dream vacation by bringing the school bully with him but that's exactly what he has to do. His parents have 'suggested' it

And when Judd suggests sending firecrackers at the other campsite a string of disasters follows. Darin and his team get tangled up in the crazy midnight prank. Why is it so easy to realise something is wrong after you've gone and done it

If you thought that Darin's adventures in The Purple Heart were far out, this'll blow you away. The dude with an answer for everything is back - in style.

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